Necklaces made of PUKA SHELL, WHITE ROSE, PINK ROSE and WHITE SHELL in both pukalet and heishe cut. All purely handmade from the finest natural materials.


Puka Shell grinded - Rusty (Fined white Puka Shell Beads with natural yellowish, rust-like, spots)

US$ 0.80

Square-cut white Rose Shell Beads indegenous to Philippine seas, processed into smoth and refined square shaped beads.

US$ 0.34 / necklace


Square-cut Pink Rose Shell beads indegenous to Philippine waters, processed into smoothe and refined square shape finish

US$ 0.46 / necklace


White Shell Pukalet Cut 4 - 5 mm. Refined and shaped into thin cylindrical beads.

US$ 0.52 / necklace


Class A Heishe White Graduated Shell.

US$ 0.55 per necklace

Puka White | Tiger Puka | Rusty Puka, Square Cut Shell, Shell Heishe, & Shell Pukalet

Shell Specimen

Shell Specimen

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